Blue skies.

Last week when I started on this project I was in the mood for sunny days and blue skies.  I had recently been to one of the furniture stores in town to look for art.  I found some but nothing I could say would live in my room for forever and with prices of $300 and up, I needed the artwork I picked to have staying power.

So instead of that I just decided to use what I had.  I already had these three pictures from ikea.  I thought the white frames looked decent above my bed.  I really liked the way they filled in the space.  But something was off. 

One day while the littlest boy was sleeping I pulled off the backs of the frames and took out the prints. 

I rolled each of them with some light blue latex paint I had lying around. I didn’t even cover it with two coats.  It was a very quick work of art, haha.


Then I got out my acrylic paints.  My  oldest boy painted too. (Look at the mess on the island! My house is not always clean- especially on creative days…)

I made sure whatever I did to one painting, I mimicked in the other paintings as well. For example, I painted the horizon line in a purpley blue all the way across all three paintings.  Then I added darker blue for the bottom of each painting and mixed in white for the top of the paintings. I also tried to keep my brush strokes the same throughout.

Then when they were almost dry I slapped them back in the frames. I probably coulda/shoulda waited a bit longer to frame them but I was concerned the youngest would wake up and have a free for all.


I don’t know how long these will stick around but I like them even more than I thought I would.  

The weather is now full of blue skies inside and outside of my home. Hoping its that way for you too.



Momma got new barstools!

I’ve been on the hunt for barstools ever since we moved into our home.  I purchased a set of 3 for $100 from target way back when.  They were decent. They swivelled, which at the time was a selling point for me.  After about 2 minutes of the swivel function in motion, I was ready to return them.  But we didn’t have anything to use so I always knew one day they’d be gone. Thankfully, they now are.  My counter top is safe from the threat of imminent defeat by the 4 yr old bar stool swivel master!  

So before we go any further I thought I should be real with you guys- or girls, whoever you are.  I don’t build stuff. I just don’t. I own a sander, nails, probably some wood glue- wait that’s wood filler (nevermind), a hammer…no saw (praise the Lord!). Really, I just can’t see that going in a good way.  But I really wanted some handmade rustic looking barstools so I decided to look up how to make them. As predicted- I’m not going to be building barstools or anything else- anytime soon, maybe even ever. Math and geometry were not really my go to subjects in school. I was more of an English kinda girl.

So what am I supposed to do, can’t/won’t build barstools and don’t want to pay a million dollars for store boughtones..well that’s when I found a guy on my local varage site. He built some barstools and I thought maybe he’d be willing to build me some too!  

I told him what I wanted and waited for a quote….$35 a piece. SOLD!  

 That’s the picture the carpenter sent to me as he was working on the stain (check out that barn door in the background- hubba! hubba!).

And here’s my kids enjoying them.  They are just so stinkin’ cute! Do you ever look at your kids and think- “Wow! How did I make something so adorable?!”.


  And here’s a few more to show the way they contrast with my island and floors.

That’s all for now.  Come back next week I’ll be talking about contrast and why it’s important in decorating.


I chose…

Hello Lovelies! Well I’m happy.  After several paint sample investigations and much debate, I came to a decision!  At first I thought I’d prefer the second sample swatch or the painted sample on the top right corner.

If I had based my decision only on this wall, I probably still would’ve chosen #2.  But my main floor is open concept so I compared my paint samples to my backsplash as well as the furniture stain that’s going to be on my coffee and side tables. 


I also had to take into consideration my overall paint color.  I wanted to go at least one shade darker than the all over color in my living area (if you look close, you can see my all over wall color in the photo above).  Surprisingly, the color I chose was sample # 4, or the middle sample from the above photo.  I finished  painting my living room wall last night.  

This color is part of the Rona paint collection.  It’s called “Okinawa”.  I really like how it contrasts with my couch and wakes up my cabinets!  It’s a soothing color but it still has a bit of energy to it.  I almost like it even more without my picture hanging.  This was my first time using Rona paint and it was a good experience. I tend to be a bit of a paint snob but in my town everything closes at 6 and I can’t get to the paint store in time. Thankfully Rona is open late to accommodate working folk, or at least their wives.  I purchased one of Rona’s higher quality paints-it came with a primer in it and zero VOC’s.  After only 2 coats the red was gone, and that was a deep red! 

So now that you’ve heard my thoughts on it, what do you think?  Do you like it or do you think I made the wrong decision? I love hearing from you so don’t be shy and let me know!

Until next week,


Paint. Paint. More paint.

I was going to post a few quick projects for you this week that didn’t require painting…I was going to anyways and then I got distracted once again.  The weather has been really getting to me lately. It’s not even that bad out but I’m ready for some green grass and sunshine.  I have noticed that I am a seasonal decorator….anyone else have that problem? Just me? Yea, I thought so.

It happens every year…in winter I crave deep reds and then spring rolls around and I’m sick of red and really like the idea of green.  By the time summer comes blue is my best friend.  I’m not even going to tell you about fall.  It’s horrible. So what’s a girl to do?  I’ve decided to paint the red wall a neutral and get some throw pillows. Maybe I should invest in a few for each season? Who knows? I might finally stop painting if I do it right!
Speaking of painting, maybe I could get your help?


The swatches are numbered from left to right.  I’m currently leaning towards #2 or the top right color next to my picture.

That’s the picture without the numbers, so that you can see the swatches a little better.

Here’s a photo of my new side table color with the same paint color that’s next to the upper right of my picture. I like it. It does have a green undertone but that’s kinda nice with the blue grey lamp.

Well, I’m going to think on it a little more. I’ll let you know soon what I’ve decided on.  Let me know your vote in the comments below.

Have a lovely week!


When I should be sleeping..

Lately my littlest guy is going through a sleep regression and it’s really affecting MY sleep.  But instead of catching zzz’s when I can, I find myself up all hours of the night.  A few days ago, I found a picture on Pinterest of a greyish purple table.

The pin said this one was from Bliss Interiors. I tried to link it for you but the link is broken- sorry about that.  I decided the coffee table in my living room that had been painted antique white would look better with this color on it. 

Of course, my inspiration hits at 10pm and there isn’t a store in my area open that sells this color, I decided to make do with what I had.

I took the antique white chalk paint I used before on my coffee table, it’s from a brand called Cottage Paint and added black to it. I just kept adding until I came up with a nice periwinkle blue.  When I started to paint it though it wasn’t quite right so I just added more black until I arrived at the color I settled on.  I painted it on the whole table then distressed it to bring out the white underneath.   I apologize for the lack of pictures of the process! I fully intend to start adding more- maybe after the sleep thing gets worked out?! Who knows?

The color was still looking too purple and not enough gray so I added an antique brown glaze to finish it off. Then waxed it with a brush on wax once that was dry.

I’m really happy with the results on this one.  So much so that I don’t want my kids to damage it. I’ve been in “table protection mode”. For that reason I’ve decided to sell it on the local varage site.  I hope it makes someone happy!

Happy Wednesday!


About a table. Take 2

Woo hoo! (Inserting long sigh of relief here) I FINALLY finished my table and it turned out exactly how I’d hoped- maybe even a little better.  I had in my mind a few ideas and I just ran with it. It definitely took some perseverance…maybe a lot of perseverance on my part!

We (my husband and I) decided the table could be worked on in our unfinished basement. I have to say this was not the best idea. Sanding dust gets everywhere which is not safe and is also quite messy!! Stain stinks! Even with all the windows in the basement open!!! Disclaimer: someone asked me if I was doing all of my furniture refinishing with the kids around. Uh nope- I’m crazy but not certifiably insane-yet. I would never be able to get anything done if they were around and their safety is top priority. This is just a hobby for me and I enjoy it. So I am usually at work into the wee hours of night finishing a project.

Now back to the table project, we carried the table down into the basement- wowzas! It is solid pine and super heavy. I thought a few times I might drop my side of the table and break it. 

Once I finally managed to get the table downstairs, I got out my orbital sander and went to work. The last time I used my sander was on this exact table pregnant with my 2nd little boy! Two years later- we now have an 16 month old and are moved into a completely different town. My how things change…now my table gets to as well! 

I turned the sander on and it literally started to run away with me. My first thoughts were, “wow! I was crazy to ever have done this preggo!”.  Then things got even more wild because my sander started to jump off the table. At that point I just threw my hands in the air and stopped for the night. 
I started thinking maybe I’d end up needing a completely new sander!  I got lucky though, because my next door neighbour is really great at fixing things and agreed to take a look at it. About an hour after he tinkered with it- I was back in business.  I love having good neighbors. 🙂 It truly makes a difference.

This time the sanding process took only 2 hours total! That’s it. No wild shellac to bust through this time. Just stain and pine!  

I started off with two coats of Minwax’s “weathered pine”. It didn’t really make a difference to the color.

After that I added one coat of Minwax “special walnut” that I had lying around from a previous project. 

My lighting in the basement is low but it was looking orange. Even after the special walnut was added. 

We (hubby and I) then brought the table back upstairs. At this point I just looked at it over and over. Trying to figure if it fit in the space or not. By looked at it I mean I sent pictures to my sister (could’ve classified as harassment in some countries)- and repeatedly asked her opinion.  

I eventually decided I’d try my whitewashing technique I told you about last week. Now this is where it gets really good!

Don’t mind my dogs tail in the first picture…   
Just look at that beautiful finish! Aaah! I just love it.  

I then finished it up with this new wax I bought. The brand is cottage paint. You just paint it on with a brush and wipe it off. It doesn’t smell so I was easily able to apply the wax right in the dining room.  

I hope you like my table as much as I do.  Now I’m thinking I might have to paint the black chairs….

Have a great week!


Vintage schoolhouse crush.

My dining table is going to take a little longer before its ready to be revealed. While we wait, I thought I’d mention a style I’ve been crushing on for a little while now.  I think in the blogosphere it’s even gotten its own name “schoolhouse” style.  

Think vintage oversized maps.

Design Sponge

Large chalkboards….


Collections of globes on display.  

Funky pendant lighting.


Fun little banners for added decoration. AKAdesign 

I hope to incorporate a bit of these details into my own home.  I think my little people will really enjoy it.  

Do you have any items in your home that can relate to this style?

Until next time-