About Me


Hello! I’m Steph. Or Stephanie, or Mom, or Ma! (With emphatic aaah by my youngest).

I’ve worn many hats over the years but by far the most difficult job I’ve ever worked is my current position: stay at home mom. It’s also the most rewarding. I feel like there’s a huge push these days to be “busy” and have an occupied schedule. Both for kids and parents. My goal is to make my home an enjoyable place where family can be present and spaces are functional.

When the kids are asleep and the hubby is catching up on work, I keep myself sane with paint, furniture projects and hand sewing. In fall and winter, you can also find me curled up on my couch reading a devotional or catching up on my favourite television shows. In Spring and summer I enjoy sitting out by the fire pit at night and soaking up the warm sunshine during the day.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back often.