Sometimes you need to take a break from various things in your life. Breaks can definitely be a good thing. They help you re-evaluate and look at things from new perspectives.  They help you see what’s important and what’s rubbing.

I have done that with this blog. I felt when I was blogging previously, that I would show others how I update and utilize my home.  My hope was that it in some way, however small, my ideas would help others to effectively use their own homes.  I started to feel a bit fraudulent though as I went about my attempts to do just that. I found that I was in a very busy stage of life with my two boys and husband. I couldn’t quite keep up with my own household load and I hadn’t even been in my own home a year at the time I had started this blog.  I didn’t feel like I had a clear vision of where I was even going with my home, so trying to put that into words wasn’t working so well.


I return to you now with a few thoughts on what I want this blog for…

  1.  I want my home to be functional and work for my family and I.  As much as I love beautiful design, I’m starting to lose patience with home decor that is strictly nice to look at. I’m having a difficult time justifying overly done spaces. Who can live like that? And hey! If you are living like that- great! But for me and my family’s lifestyle, we cannot.
  2. I want a place I can come and write. Write down my thoughts on my family. Log the progress we’ve made, get a visual on where we once were and all the good and bad that comes with it.
  3. I want to simplify things- I don’t want a ton of stuff that I have to reorganize and figure out what to do with. I want less things. Less clutter. Less lust.  I however am not a naturally organized person- I have ADHD so organizing is a problem for me but I thought we (you-whoever takes the time to read this) can figure some of this out together and in the end maybe our homes and hearts will be a little more peaceful for it. 💙



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