Spring Yardwork

Ever since we moved into our newly built home, I had some higher hopes for the lawn space. Every other home we’ve lived in previously already had a yard full of trees and plants. It made it easy to walk in and think- this would look good there or that shrub needs to go. When you move into an empty lot the landscape process is overwhelming to say the least. 

Today I want to share with you a few things that made the process slightly more bearable for me.

Time– Get your lot sodded or seeded if you must and try to give yourself at least a year. That will give you an opportunity to see your landscape in all four seasons. It’s very valuable to know which areas get shade, which get full sun,  etc. You will save yourself a headache and money if you know where certain plants will thrive and where they won’t.

iscape-This app has a free version but I don’t recommend that version if you are doing serious updates to your yard. The full version costs about $13 which is quite a bit for an app. But if you think about it, that’s the cost of two garden magazines from Walmart. What I like about the app is it allows you to take photos of your own property and use them with photos of trees,shrubs and even hardscaping materials to see how it looks.  

That’s a few examples of some ideas I created with the app.

Theme– this doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t overthink it. But a little planning goes a long way in the home landscape. If you like English gardens- think roses and trellises..if a zen space is more your overall feel then look into Japanese gardens for inspiration. Try to keep the plant colors somewhat cohesive as well. One thing I’ve enjoyed quite a bit is color blocking with plants. It adds dimension and interest to the landscape with little effort. If you want a garden with night time interest use plants that flower in white. If red is your thing, use it to dot it along your landscape and pull things together. 

 Frame– Keep a few framing ideas in mind as you plan out your yard. Ideally your landscape should act as a border to your home and draw people towards the door or backyard features if you have them. It always looks off to have a tall skinny shrub right in the middle of a house. Save those taller shrubs for the sides and put lower shrubs in the front.  

Now I’d like to show you how things are looking in my yard these days after all that planning.

It’s not absolutely perfect yet but the hardscaping is in so now I have a structured area to work with. I’m excited for the way things turned out. I have to say though- planning is one thing but my husband was the true star of this show. Without his help this never would have happened.

Until next time-



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