Beaches and Toddlers

Well I had hoped I would be writing you next from warm weather and it turns out that I am. My little family of four decided to make a trip to my home state of Florida. We arrived on Saturday and have the privilege of staying for 2 weeks. The weather’s been beautiful.  

When we got off the plane the first thing I heard my son say was, “Mommy everything is so green here!”.  


He was right! It’s funny the things I took for granted as a Florida native.  I have to tell you though, spring was always a favourite season of mine.  Even while I was in Florida! What’s funny to me is that in a couple of months my plants in Manitoba will finally be growing and the grass in Florida will be starting to turn brown because of the intense summer heat. For now though, I will revel in the greenness.  

Hello tropical flowers that grow in the ground.. And not in a pot from the grocery store. 

Hello palm trees!  

Hello beautiful ocean view.  

Hello adventurous little boy. 
Hello new snorkelling hobby.  

Hello windy, spring vacation from New Smyrna Beach! 



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