Spring means plants.

I’ve been inspired by some of the other blogging ladies to talk about plants.  To me, spring means fresh buds and greenery.  

Yesterday, my area was hit with more snow. For us the outdoor green stuff is still going to be a few days away. In the meantime I’m consoling myself by looking at my indoor plants and dreaming of my garden, which has yet to be conceived. 

  [Side note: my son and I made these sweet ladybugs to add to said garden.]

I thought I’d show you folks some pictures of the plants I have growing indoors.

If you know me at all, I have a notorious black thumb.  But as you will see in these photos, I’m getting better.

  Soapwort- my son and I planted from seeds.
  Christmas Cactus- grown from cut plugs.

Succulent- not sure on the variety. If you know, please tell me.

Vining tropical plant- most recent plant purchase. Walmart special.

Ivy- perhaps my favourite. Slightly fickle yet I’ve kept it alive. (Insert applause here)

Wandering Jew- I love these. I have the worst luck with them though.  Time will tell how this one fares.

Mother in laws tongue- I’ve had for almost two years and is now about 3 feet tall. I’ve divided it twice already.

That concludes my plant tour for now.  The moral of this story is: if you have trouble with plants don’t give up just yet. If there is hope for me, there’s hope for you too! 

I hope the next time I write to you it will be from warmer weather.

Bye for now-



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