Red Chevron 

We moved into our home last July. It was way before then that my son, G started to request a red room. He reminds everyone often that it’s his favourite color.  As much as I enjoy creating spaces that feel cozy to everyone I just did not want to paint his room red for several reasons.

Red is a color that excites you. It can in certain circumstances promote anger or make you feel agitated…  You can read more about the color red and its affects at this link, Red psychology.

But, in the end I decided that it was his room and I’d do my best to grant his request.  On my local Varage site I found an unopened gallon of Benjamin Moore Aura paint in a color called Caliente for $15.  G specified that it couldn’t just be any old red, it had to be a bright red.  This fit the bill so we were off to a good start.

Then I purchased some chevron shaped Frogtape from my local paint store.  I’ve never used Frogtape.  I’m more of a “cut in by hand” sort of girl so this was new to me.  

There’s so many ideas you can choose to incorporate with the Frogtape.  Really, you can do whatever you can think up.  In the end I decided to do a simple border a little over halfway up my sons wall.  It ended up being just enough red that it didn’t feel like it was too overpowering.  


I do regret a few things. One, the paint ended up having an awful smell. I’ve used fresh Aura paint before and never had this problem. Next time, instead of falling for the “great deal” on varage, I will just purchase fresh paint. It’s been a few weeks and the odor is still lingering on.   Also, I will use a drop cloth next time. This stuff got everywhere. Usually I’m pretty good to clean up after myself but for some reason the red went everywhere…sigh.  Hopefully you will learn from my mistake and not get overly confident in your painting abilities.  


In the end, I think G was right. His room looks great with the red.

Until next time-



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