Blue skies.

Last week when I started on this project I was in the mood for sunny days and blue skies.  I had recently been to one of the furniture stores in town to look for art.  I found some but nothing I could say would live in my room for forever and with prices of $300 and up, I needed the artwork I picked to have staying power.

So instead of that I just decided to use what I had.  I already had these three pictures from ikea.  I thought the white frames looked decent above my bed.  I really liked the way they filled in the space.  But something was off. 

One day while the littlest boy was sleeping I pulled off the backs of the frames and took out the prints. 

I rolled each of them with some light blue latex paint I had lying around. I didn’t even cover it with two coats.  It was a very quick work of art, haha.


Then I got out my acrylic paints.  My  oldest boy painted too. (Look at the mess on the island! My house is not always clean- especially on creative days…)

I made sure whatever I did to one painting, I mimicked in the other paintings as well. For example, I painted the horizon line in a purpley blue all the way across all three paintings.  Then I added darker blue for the bottom of each painting and mixed in white for the top of the paintings. I also tried to keep my brush strokes the same throughout.

Then when they were almost dry I slapped them back in the frames. I probably coulda/shoulda waited a bit longer to frame them but I was concerned the youngest would wake up and have a free for all.


I don’t know how long these will stick around but I like them even more than I thought I would.  

The weather is now full of blue skies inside and outside of my home. Hoping its that way for you too.



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