Momma got new barstools!

I’ve been on the hunt for barstools ever since we moved into our home.  I purchased a set of 3 for $100 from target way back when.  They were decent. They swivelled, which at the time was a selling point for me.  After about 2 minutes of the swivel function in motion, I was ready to return them.  But we didn’t have anything to use so I always knew one day they’d be gone. Thankfully, they now are.  My counter top is safe from the threat of imminent defeat by the 4 yr old bar stool swivel master!  

So before we go any further I thought I should be real with you guys- or girls, whoever you are.  I don’t build stuff. I just don’t. I own a sander, nails, probably some wood glue- wait that’s wood filler (nevermind), a hammer…no saw (praise the Lord!). Really, I just can’t see that going in a good way.  But I really wanted some handmade rustic looking barstools so I decided to look up how to make them. As predicted- I’m not going to be building barstools or anything else- anytime soon, maybe even ever. Math and geometry were not really my go to subjects in school. I was more of an English kinda girl.

So what am I supposed to do, can’t/won’t build barstools and don’t want to pay a million dollars for store boughtones..well that’s when I found a guy on my local varage site. He built some barstools and I thought maybe he’d be willing to build me some too!  

I told him what I wanted and waited for a quote….$35 a piece. SOLD!  

 That’s the picture the carpenter sent to me as he was working on the stain (check out that barn door in the background- hubba! hubba!).

And here’s my kids enjoying them.  They are just so stinkin’ cute! Do you ever look at your kids and think- “Wow! How did I make something so adorable?!”.


  And here’s a few more to show the way they contrast with my island and floors.

That’s all for now.  Come back next week I’ll be talking about contrast and why it’s important in decorating.



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