I chose…

Hello Lovelies! Well I’m happy.  After several paint sample investigations and much debate, I came to a decision!  At first I thought I’d prefer the second sample swatch or the painted sample on the top right corner.

If I had based my decision only on this wall, I probably still would’ve chosen #2.  But my main floor is open concept so I compared my paint samples to my backsplash as well as the furniture stain that’s going to be on my coffee and side tables. 


I also had to take into consideration my overall paint color.  I wanted to go at least one shade darker than the all over color in my living area (if you look close, you can see my all over wall color in the photo above).  Surprisingly, the color I chose was sample # 4, or the middle sample from the above photo.  I finished  painting my living room wall last night.  

This color is part of the Rona paint collection.  It’s called “Okinawa”.  I really like how it contrasts with my couch and wakes up my cabinets!  It’s a soothing color but it still has a bit of energy to it.  I almost like it even more without my picture hanging.  This was my first time using Rona paint and it was a good experience. I tend to be a bit of a paint snob but in my town everything closes at 6 and I can’t get to the paint store in time. Thankfully Rona is open late to accommodate working folk, or at least their wives.  I purchased one of Rona’s higher quality paints-it came with a primer in it and zero VOC’s.  After only 2 coats the red was gone, and that was a deep red! 

So now that you’ve heard my thoughts on it, what do you think?  Do you like it or do you think I made the wrong decision? I love hearing from you so don’t be shy and let me know!

Until next week,



6 thoughts on “I chose…

      1. I have had that same struggle but then I end up being traditional anyways. Haha, it’s like I’m on autopilot or something. Let me know if you do change it- would love to see it. I’ve never painted brick before.

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