When I should be sleeping..

Lately my littlest guy is going through a sleep regression and it’s really affecting MY sleep.  But instead of catching zzz’s when I can, I find myself up all hours of the night.  A few days ago, I found a picture on Pinterest of a greyish purple table.

The pin said this one was from Bliss Interiors. I tried to link it for you but the link is broken- sorry about that.  I decided the coffee table in my living room that had been painted antique white would look better with this color on it. 

Of course, my inspiration hits at 10pm and there isn’t a store in my area open that sells this color, I decided to make do with what I had.

I took the antique white chalk paint I used before on my coffee table, it’s from a brand called Cottage Paint and added black to it. I just kept adding until I came up with a nice periwinkle blue.  When I started to paint it though it wasn’t quite right so I just added more black until I arrived at the color I settled on.  I painted it on the whole table then distressed it to bring out the white underneath.   I apologize for the lack of pictures of the process! I fully intend to start adding more- maybe after the sleep thing gets worked out?! Who knows?

The color was still looking too purple and not enough gray so I added an antique brown glaze to finish it off. Then waxed it with a brush on wax once that was dry.

I’m really happy with the results on this one.  So much so that I don’t want my kids to damage it. I’ve been in “table protection mode”. For that reason I’ve decided to sell it on the local varage site.  I hope it makes someone happy!

Happy Wednesday!



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