About a table. Take 2

Woo hoo! (Inserting long sigh of relief here) I FINALLY finished my table and it turned out exactly how I’d hoped- maybe even a little better.  I had in my mind a few ideas and I just ran with it. It definitely took some perseverance…maybe a lot of perseverance on my part!

We (my husband and I) decided the table could be worked on in our unfinished basement. I have to say this was not the best idea. Sanding dust gets everywhere which is not safe and is also quite messy!! Stain stinks! Even with all the windows in the basement open!!! Disclaimer: someone asked me if I was doing all of my furniture refinishing with the kids around. Uh nope- I’m crazy but not certifiably insane-yet. I would never be able to get anything done if they were around and their safety is top priority. This is just a hobby for me and I enjoy it. So I am usually at work into the wee hours of night finishing a project.

Now back to the table project, we carried the table down into the basement- wowzas! It is solid pine and super heavy. I thought a few times I might drop my side of the table and break it. 

Once I finally managed to get the table downstairs, I got out my orbital sander and went to work. The last time I used my sander was on this exact table pregnant with my 2nd little boy! Two years later- we now have an 16 month old and are moved into a completely different town. My how things change…now my table gets to as well! 

I turned the sander on and it literally started to run away with me. My first thoughts were, “wow! I was crazy to ever have done this preggo!”.  Then things got even more wild because my sander started to jump off the table. At that point I just threw my hands in the air and stopped for the night. 
I started thinking maybe I’d end up needing a completely new sander!  I got lucky though, because my next door neighbour is really great at fixing things and agreed to take a look at it. About an hour after he tinkered with it- I was back in business.  I love having good neighbors. 🙂 It truly makes a difference.

This time the sanding process took only 2 hours total! That’s it. No wild shellac to bust through this time. Just stain and pine!  

I started off with two coats of Minwax’s “weathered pine”. It didn’t really make a difference to the color.

After that I added one coat of Minwax “special walnut” that I had lying around from a previous project. 

My lighting in the basement is low but it was looking orange. Even after the special walnut was added. 

We (hubby and I) then brought the table back upstairs. At this point I just looked at it over and over. Trying to figure if it fit in the space or not. By looked at it I mean I sent pictures to my sister (could’ve classified as harassment in some countries)- and repeatedly asked her opinion.  

I eventually decided I’d try my whitewashing technique I told you about last week. Now this is where it gets really good!

Don’t mind my dogs tail in the first picture…   
Just look at that beautiful finish! Aaah! I just love it.  

I then finished it up with this new wax I bought. The brand is cottage paint. You just paint it on with a brush and wipe it off. It doesn’t smell so I was easily able to apply the wax right in the dining room.  

I hope you like my table as much as I do.  Now I’m thinking I might have to paint the black chairs….

Have a great week!



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