About a table.

I love my dining room table. It’s a versatile piece that functions beautifully in my home.

You’d never believe it while looking at it, but it was a $50 kijiji purchase! Truly a diamond in the rough. This is what it looked like after about 10 long hours of sanding. It took longer than most sanding jobs because it was covered with a 1″ deep coating of a shellac.


It started off as a burnt orange color with acrylic paint covering it.  I’m guessing in its former life, it was someone’s craft table.

I couldn’t decide after all of that sanding if I wanted the the base to be black or white.  My husband and I decided to go with “black suede” by Behr in an ultra finish.



The top was finished in Minwax “special walnut”.  I liked it and it worked for a while but after life with two rowdy boys it’s now time to refinish the top. I’m taking this opportunity to change the color so it will go better in my new home.

I started off with a DIY whitewash treatment.  First off, I painted the base white. I am in LOVE with the results!

I liked the current stain color on top but my husband and I agreed to try to lighten things up.  Our main living area is an open concept layout, we have some new living room furniture coming and we want everything to tie in together.

Now I’m going to tell you how I white washed the top.  I took the white paint I had left and poured some into a Dixie cup. Any washable container you have will work as well.  I then mixed that paint with water. The ratio was 70% water and 30% paint. You can adjust this as needed but I would go less with the paint, that way it wipes off easily.  After all, you’re not painting you’re basically just staining with white paint.


Then for the next step you will need an old wet wash cloth.  Then start painting your “stain” on.  I like to work in 1-2 foot sections, so that I have time to wipe it off before it sets in.  But do what you are comfortable with.


I let mine sit for about 2 minutes before I started wiping it off with my cloth. I used a back and forth rocking motion.  It’s important to go with the grain of your wood.  Just keep repeating the steps above until you finish the table. Don’t forget to go around the table’s edge as well.

Once it dries you can decide from here if you want to do another coat or wax it as is. Once you’ve waxed it, whatever you’ve done is sealed in- so keep that in mind.

This is my table after two coats.  I like the color a lot. It’s got a nice beachy vibe to it. I am going to be sanding it down and restraining it with a lighter stain though. It matches too closely to my floors and I need it to contrast more.  I knew this was a possibility going into this process but I also knew I could just restain it if it didn’t work out.

Next week, I’ll be showing you the new stain. Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your week!




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